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Brama Labradors Inc. concentrates on developing breeding lines to maximise health and temperament characteristics.  All our dogs are registered with Dogs Victoria as well as being hip and elbow scored and DNA tested to ensure none are affected by negative traits common to Labrador Retrievers, including PRCD and EIC.


the girls

Credit: Melinda Alexander

Credit: Melinda Alexander


Sora is a delightful girl who loves to be around her family.  Her skill set includes an incredible scent trait making her puppies ideal for assistance work involving conditions like diabetes and epilepsy.  Her tracking abilities also make her an ideal candidate when pups are required for people who may wander or become disorientated and lost in public spaces.  Sora is affectionate and gentle and easily trained.  Sora was acquired by Brama Labradors Inc. from Gentleforce Kennels in Victoria.

Sora is cleared by parentage for both PRCD and EIC.

Sora's hips scores are :     2/0

Sora's elbow scores are :  0/0



Oprah comes to us from Rosebird Kennels in NSW.  She was chosen for her excellent assistance dog characteristics,  Oprah is very gentle, wants to please her people, has a soft mouth and is generally quiet and calm in nature.  Oprah has trained in assistance dog work and participated in group settings such as a LEGO club for children with Autism and sensory issues.  Her laid back nature suits all types of assistance work, however, she excels with conditions such as PTSD and people who require a very quiet presence by their side.  Oprah has managed to pass on these characteristics to her puppies.

Oprah is clear for both PRCD and EIC.

Oprah's hip scores are :      5/3

Oprah's elbow scores are : 0/0



Dallas is the most patient dog we have come across.  She is a divine looking soul with a gentle nature.   Dallas loves her people, is self assured, possessing skills in tracking and retrieving, making her great for assistance dog tasks.  She is a an athletic and fit girl who loves exercise as much as a nap!  Dallas has a friendly and vibrant nature and comes to us from Gentleforce Kennels in Victoria.

Dallas is clear for both PRCD and EIC.

Dallas' hip scores are : 2/2

Dallas' elbow scores are 0/0





Hefley comes to us from Lacote Kennels in Sydney.  He is our big boy.  Hefley has an extremely happy disposition and loves nothing more than a pat.  He is quiet and dignified, keeping his run neat and tidy and enjoying his laid back life exploring our 117 acres of bushland.  Hefley possesses the traits we require for assistance dog work.  His sze in combination with our girls means we can breed larger dogs or smaller ones for the tasks required.  Hefley's size makes him ideal for a dog needed for mobility work.

Hefley is cleared by parentage for both PRCD and EIC.

Hefley's hip scores are :      0/2

Hefley's elbow scores are : 0/0